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Warehouse Management


Avvashya CCI manages mother warehouses for OEMs, distributors and dealers for finished goods.
Our mother warehouse services include: 3PL Warehousing Infrastructure & Operations, Order Management, Feed to Product Lines, Quarantine, Disposal Coordination, LSP Operation and Excise Return Filing.
Operating from over 2 million square feet of state-of-the art space, located strategically 16 kms off JNPT, we meet the exacting demands of our wide customer base.
At Avvashya CCI, you can depend on our stringent logistics solutions for storage, packing, documentation and movement of hazardous chemicals and agro chemicals.
Avvashya CCI stringently adheres to chemical compliance, and is driven by strict safety and environment regulations.
Our best practices include safety drills, regular reviews and audits, as well as consistent training in programming and all stages of operation with MSDS norms compliance.


Our Footholds

  • Management of mother warehousing for finished goods and raw materials
  • Value added services: Attachment of security tags, placing on hangers, labeling and packing
  • Temperature managed warehousing
  • Scalable and customized warehousing
  • Seamless visibility into all your inventory
  • VMI and WMS integrated raw material warehousing
  • Finished goods warehousing
  • Strict safety and environment regulations
  • Stringent adherence to chemical compliance
  • Temperature controlled warehousing
  • Fully and semi-automated warehouse solutions
  • Dedicated and shared warehouse and transport solutions


At Avvashya CCI, our customers have the assurance of smooth and safe freight movement of complex cargo across air and sea at attractive and transparent rates. Our rich lineage and global exposure in freight forwarding due to an extensive network spread over 160 countries, makes us a reliable choice for your business requirements.

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