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Focus on infrastructure development to ease logistics

India stands at an inflection point characterised by confidence and conviction on the back of reforms like GST, pro infra developments, demonetisation and bank recapitalisation. Reforms during the year have already boosted global investors’ and stakeholders’ confidence. These measures will see a reduction in logistic cost, which will help the industry to become competitive and gain a significant share in the global markets.

Going forward, the Union Budget FY19 needs a major thrust. The Union Budget for 2018-19 should continue on Prime Minister's vision to build a new India. Budgetary allocations in key infrastructure projects announced recently will be an important factor to watch out for, to drive growth and employment.
The industry is expected to benefit from policy changes in transportation and infrastructure. Logistics industry forms an integral part of almost all sectors and hence the benefits in the union budget 18-19 to allied sectors like automotive, healthcare, retail etc will have a rub off effect on logistics companies. The transportation projects would aid transportation and logistics companies by reducing costs, increasing transit speeds and lowering turnaround times.
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