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India's leading manufacturer of PVC-U pipes and fittings achieves increased efficiency with ACCI

India’s leading manufacturer of PVC-U Pipes and Fitting, and the second largest manufacturer of PVC Resin needed help in efficient management of their yard and shifting of pipes.
Unfavourable storage facilities at the yard led to loss of inventory and rejections, while inefficient methods employed to shift pipes from production to the yard lead to wastage of time, the need for additional labour and increased costs.
In order to tackle these issues, we made the following suggestions:
  • To employ FIFO - FIFO ensured that the pipes which were produced first, got dispatched first. This lead to reduction in the instances of burnt pipes (the top layer being damaged due the weather), thereby reducing losses.
  • To use tractors - The pipes were being shifted from production to the yard by trucks. This meant that the trucks had to wait in the yard till they were emptied, leading to an increase in the number of vehicles required and additional labour.
With the use of tractors, the loaded trolley could be carried to the yard and be left there, whilst the tractor returned to collect the next trolley of pipes.
This lead to faster movement, cutting the time required to transport the pipes by half.
It took ACCI a total of 40-45 days to incorporate all these changes and ease the entire operation.