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We are uncompromising, and always on the lookout for better.
Whether you work at one of our global offices or onsite, a job at Avvashya CCI will be demanding.
But there are also rewards for original thinking and hard work. And none of us here would have it any other way.

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Why you should consider working at Avvashya CCI:

We offer careers that have no geographical boundaries and endless opportunities.

Our transformative services and technology will turn ordinary interactions into ingenious experiences.

Great people who work together in smart, inspiring & collaborative teams.

A powerful brand that is recognized globally.

An inclusive, open culture that values our greatest asset: our people


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  • How is Avvashya CCI structured?
  • What is the Avvashya CCI culture?
  • What are the people really like?
  • What is the profile of candidates we look for?
  • How do careers at Avvashya CCI advance?
  • What kind of training can I expect from Avvashya CCI?
  • What is the possibility of getting an International assignment?

Avvashya CCI is structured across various business verticals. Each business vertical operates in collaboration with support functions. Being an Indian MNC and part of a large global corporation, we also have a matrix structure with dual reporting.

All corporate functions like Finance, HR, Administration, IT, Audit, Legal, Marketing and Communications are handled centrally.

All employees at Avvashya CCI are treated like a part of one big family. The culture at Avvashya CCI is one of entrepreneurship, openness, trust and transparency.

We are a young, energetic and enthusiastic organisation. Our employees come from diverse backgrounds, varied experiences and hail from various communities and bring a wealth of talent with them.

We believe that good talent is key differentiation and provides competitive advantage. Hence, there is a lot of emphasis on recruiting the right talent. We essentially look for:

  • Team players
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Functional competencies
  • Managerial/leadership competencies

We want people with good attitude, humility, integrity and passion for excellence. At the same time we appreciate people with strong fundamentals, good understanding of business, functional knowledge and those who take initiatives to achieve results.

Employees exhibiting high performance and potential can grow in the organization through the following paths :

  • Lateral Growth - Cross-functional assignments within the department or within various business verticals. There are several examples within the company for this
  • Vertical Growth - Career promotion and higher levels of responsibility in the same function
  • International Assignments - Taking up important international assignments
  • Transfers/Movement within Group/JV Companies - There are several opportunities available for career advancement within our group and subsidiary companies


Our training programmes are conducted both internally and externally by reputed agencies and institutes. These training programmes are broadly classified as follows :

  • Employee Orientation
  • Functional Skills
  • Behaviorial and Soft Skills
  • Managerial and Leadership
  • Outbound Trainings


At Avvashya CCI (India), we encourage employees with high performance and potential, to aspire for overseas opportunities. We have employees at various levels going on international assignments.